Who Is This Sampoornesh Babu ?

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Who Is This Sampoornesh Babu ? If you are using any facebook or Twitter social networking then you will definately see this Sampoornesh Babu phots with the Rocking funny captions, Actually he is the hero in the movie Hrudaya Kaleyam, Normally a person becomes a star when he get a blockbuster hit in his career but Sampoornesh Babu became a popular celebrity with the single poster, And in that poster you can see that "Rastra Samppoornesh Yuvatha", which is making people crazy about this movie :P

Hrudaya Kaleyam' is said to be a parody of bad filmmaking.
 Let's see if it entertains or ends up as another disaster!

Hrudaya Kaleyam is a serious Love, Science-Fiction, Action, Mass film with 18 crores budget. An American Returned NRI with Green Card "SRI SAMPOORNESH BABU" acting in a LEAD ROLE.

Even Rajamouli also Tweeted about this movie..

Whats Your Opinion Guys? 
How is out new raising star Sampoornesh Babu..?? 
Please comment below :P

Here are the Trailers...! Watch And Enjoy

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