One Nenokkadine Review By Swaroop

Cast : Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography : Ratnavel
Direction : Sukumar
Producer : 14 Reels Entertainements
Released Date : January 10th
Genre : Psycological Thriller


Gowtham (Mahesh Babu) will is a famous Popstar and he has a psycological problem that he will imagine the things that he doesn't have, Everyday he gets a nightmare about his parents death, He remember the faces of the people who killed his parents but he forgets his parents face and name, In the mean process he comes to know that some one are trying to kill him, People thinks that Gowtham is in imagination, But with the small clue he comes to know that the things that happening around are true. And he goes to London to solve this problem. And he comes to know the mind blowing truths about his life. How he solved his problems and how he found his parents details deals with the rest of the film.

Whats Good In The Film

Mahesh Babu:

First thing that has been a big highlight of the film was "Mahesh Babu", yes the title 1 Nenokadine is correct apt for the film. His out standing performances and the Ultra stylish look are the heart of the film

Kriti Sanon:

She got a good chance as a debute actress with this film where heroin gets the equal priority with the hero in the entire film, She is looking pretty beautiful and hot in songs. She acted like a experienced actress.

Devi Sri Prasad:

Just leave the songs apart and lets talk about the BGM, The ultimate music given by Devi Sri Prasad is the only thing that became soul of the film. he given the fresh music for each and every scene

Sukumar :

Sukumar used the hollywood kind of brain for making of this film, He tried a new kind of screenplay with this film,We are not in a position to talk about his direction. He became a master. The story that he selected for the film was a mixture of Thriller and Message oriented.

Ratnavel :

He is one one of the pillar for the movie success. He captured each and ever frame very rich and brought a feel like a hollywood film.

Other Highlights :

  • Movie Interval bang was a highlight scene in the recent times
  • Sukumar justified each and every twist in the story
  • Mahesh Song Goutham appearence brought the natural feel of seeing the Mahesh's Childhood
  • Stunts are Rocking - Especially the Boats chasing scene, Breathtaking shots
  •  Climax Scene of the film was a heart of the film, A special song composed by DSP will bring the good feel for the scene - Its highly unforgettable for the person even after leaving the hall
  • Movie deals with the sensitive emotions which directly touches your heart
  • Mahesh improved a lot in dances especially for your are my love song

Why Movie Getting Negative Talk?

1.The first thing that has been a negative of this film is stupid brain of Sukumar who tried to include the commercial elements in the Experimental film, This movie doesnt need any kind of songs in the middle of the story narration, But Sukumar tied to fit them in the story which caused two big drawbacks, One is person will divert from the film flow and another one is movie length has been increased ,
PS: But fans doesn't like if there are no songs in the film...!
2.Second thing is Movie length, This film is of length 2Hrs 50 Minutes, Which is around 3 Hours. If Sukumar narrates the film with in 1 Hrs 30 Minutes he could definately get a big blockbuster this time. And he could save some crores of money where he cut down the pockets of producers for making some unecessary scenes
PS: My fans doesn't like if his favourate hero movie is just 1:30 Minutes...!

3.Third Thing , Again its aSukumar's mistake, He tried to deliver a difefrent kind of screenplay with this film and it is highly appreciated. But failed to reach the C Class audience, Its a very confused screenplay which is understandable only for the intellecuals
PS: This is really the awesome attempt, But he executed in the wrong place, Where tollywood people are habituated for a commercial formula - Mass Dialogues, Powerfull fights, Brahmi Comedy, Item Song and a big climax fight etcc..

And Here are some of the Drawbacks
  • Missed many logics in the film
  • Some fights are far away from the reality
  • No Comedy in the film, Where a entertainment lover will be definately dissapoints - But there is no scope for including it 
  • Songs are not impressive
And Finally The Last Thing is ... Sukumar Given a good film but doesn't match for the telugu traditional commercial movie lovers and comedy lovers

Final Say...

One Nenokkadine is a decent Pyscologial Triller, Which will definately bring a good experience of watching the film. This is a best choice for the People who bored with the commercial tollywood film and who are waiting to see the Different film..


Just Go to theaters with an empty brain, Its a worth watching film. But please dont take your Grand parents, They cant enjoy this film ,  infact they cant understand whats happening

My Rating: 3.75/5