Chinnadana Nikosam Movie Review By Swaroop

Stars : Nitin, Mishti, Nasar, Ali, Naresh, Sithra, Madhu Nandan
Directed by : A. Karunakaran
Produced by : N. Sudhakar Reddy,Nikita Reddy
Music : Anup Rubens
Dialogues : Harsha Vardhan
Cinematography : I. Andrew
Edited by : Prawin Pudi
Production : Sreshta Movies
Running time : 141 minutes
Release date : 25th December  2014
Budget : 20 Crores
Distributed by : Asian Movies & CineGalaxy Inc(Overseas)
Genre :  Comedy, Romantic

What is the Story

Nithin(Nithin) is a Happy Going guy fells in love with Nandini (Misti Chakrabothi) and by using Nasser he keeps her in touch with him and family, But suddenly she gives a big shock by leaving India and Goes to Europe with out any information. Nithin comes to know the secret behind him and goes to Europe, How he won her Love will be the rest of the story which is involved between some family issues.

What are the Highlights?

  • Nithin Acting is Good and Looks Handsome, But Sometimes it looks like a Overaction due to some Hyperactiveness in the Role that he is playing
  • Misti Chakrabothi Looks Cute at Some Parts , Remember only Somtimes
  • Cinematography of the film Looks Pretty Good
  • Movie first Half has a Good Sense of Humor in Karunakaran Style
  • Hero and Heroin Introdution Scenes are Shot Well
  • Movie has a good Twist that Reveals at the time of Interval
  • Music and BGM are OK but some times Anup Copied his own Music that he made for his earlier films

What Gone Wrong With this film?

  • No Feel in the Charecters that Director Designed
  • Complete Second Half is a Big Dissapointment
  • Climax is Simple and not Convincing
  • Heroin Misti Chakrabothi has to Improve in Acting
  • Screenplay is Boring and Has a Snail Paced Narration
  • No Chemistry Between Lead Pair as people Expecting from Karunakaran's Film
  • Karunakaran Failed in Directing the Script in Perfect Manner
  • Movie has Many Unnecessary Scenes included to Increase the run Time, Like Gay Comedy Scenes and Some Scenes with Ali etcc.. All Could Have Been Chopped Off
  • The Scenes Where Heroin and Nasser realizes are Pale and No Feel in those Scenes
  • Songs Looks like a Perfect Copy of Pawan Kalyan Gabbar Singh and Badri
  • Finally The Story Chosen for this film is  Outdated One and a Remix of Ullasamga Utsahamga

Finally What i Say?

Finally Chinnadana Nikosam is a Big Disappointment to Karunakaran Fans (Like Me) as well As Nithin Fans. Movie First Half have some Noted Comedy Scenes which makes to pull some crowd towards Theater, I Suggest to just Come out of the Theater From Interval, You will come out of the theater with smile, But after watching the Second Half you will definitely dissapoints. Finally its just a one time watchable film.

With Whom We Can Watch This Film?

You Can Watch With Your Friends...!

Rating for Content - 2/5

Rating for Entertainment - 3.5/5

Rating For Box Office Stamina - 2.5/5