Drunken Anjali Story

South Indian Actress Anjali is the one who always be in a news for the bad cause, Coming to the Recent scene, She came to pub in Banjara Hills along with her friends and  allegedly entered into a brawl with some Unknown Guy, Many tired to stop them, But the drunken Anjali is uncontrollable at that time. The pub Managment became helpless and reported to Banjara Hills Police Station. Before Police Comes, Anjali and her friends went away. After media asking the same direct question to Anjali, She replied as that she was in a private party in Tabla restaurent and a group of photographers came Near Anjali and asked to pose for a photographs, Since its a Family party, She denied to do the same, So they irked and called some TV channels and published wrong news in their respective channels. She also confidently saying to check the CTV footage at the restaurent. This is not the first time that Anjali behaving like this, We also known that what she had done earlier