Long Length Tamil Films Released Till Now

Shankar's I Movie Releasing Tomorrow in grand scale in arond 15000 Screens, Major Part of the film picturized in China so Movie is releasing in 10000 Screens only at China. After completion of the film's Censor, People shocked of seeing the length of the film which is of 187 Minutes which is around 3 Hrs 7 Minutes, But when we look at the prevoius films of Shnkar, All the other film that he directed are of same kind of lengthy run, But still they managed to be a Blockbuster Evergreen films remained till now in Tollywood and Kollywood History. Here is the Exclusive list of Long Length Tamil Films Released Till Now which are also Dubbed in Telugu, Here i am Mentioning the Telugu Names of these Films.

Sivaji 188 Minutes (Shivaji In Tamil)

I 187 Minutes (I In Tamil)

Bharateeyudu 185 Minutes (Indian In Tamil)

Aparichitudu 181 Minutes (Anniyan In Tamil)

Jeans 175 Minutes  (Jeans In Tamil)

Robot 174 Minutes (Enthiran in Tamil)

Premikudu 170 Minutes (Kadhalan In Tamil)

Oke Okkadu 170 Minutes (Mudhalvan In Tamil)

Boys 170 Minutes (Boys in Tamil)

Gentleman 161 Minutes (Gentleman In Tamil)