Shankar's I (Ai) Movie Review By Swaroop

 TAG LINE : A Documentary of Beauty
Stars : Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi, Upen Patel, Santhanam, Ramkumar Ganesan, Srinivasan, Mohan Kapoor, Ojas M. Rajani
Directed by : SHANKAR
Produced by : V. Ravichandran, D. Ramesh Babu
Written By : Shankar and Subha
Music : AR Rehaman
Cinematography : PC Sreeram
Edited by : Llewellyn Anthony Gonsalves
Production : Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd
Running time : 183 minutes
Release date : 14th January  2015
Budget : 180 Crores
Genre : Science Fiction Romantic Thriller
Releasing in : 15,000 Screens 
Languages  : Tamil, Telugu, Hindi
Satellite Rights : 23Crores Tamil, 10 Crores Telugu

What is the Story

Lingeswara (Vikram) is a Gym Owner cum Body Builder who aims to be a Mr.India and works hard for this, He is a big admirer of India's Biggest model Diya (Amy Jackson). Diya has a biggest irritating co model John(Upen) who becomes a head ache for her career's Growth, So One day Diya approaches Lingeswra who is a Mr.Andhra then for giving a chance in her next biggest ad project of China and she makes Lingeswara a big Model and changes his name as LEE. Diya and Lee Becomes a most wanted hot paid of India, After a cool time of period a horrible changes will occur in the body of LEE who becomes a Hunched-deformed man. How he becomes Ugly and how he won the love of Diya even after he lost his beauty is the rest of the story

What are the Highlights?

  • Vikram is the Biggest Highlight of the film who transformed into various shapes for just 1 Film, You can see the bloodsheded Hardwork of Vikram clearly after watching this film. Non one can justify this role Than Vikram
  • Amy Jackson is Simply Gorgeous in this film, Her Expressions, Glamour and Dedication is a Biggest Plus point for this film
  • Cinematography of PC Sreeram took the film into the Next level, There are many kinds of Cameras used in this film to bring a Visual fest for the film.
  • BGM by AR Rehaman is the soul for this film, He managed to balance Both Songs and BGM at the Same Standards
  • Locations of this film are One of the most Beautiful USP. There are some places where you will watch at the screen by opening your mouth, Hats off to Shankar for Exploring such a Beutiful places
  • As we Know Shankar is an Expert of Making Songs, And here in this film the same magic repeated and each song has some separate theme. We can just pay the ticket price for just watching these Songs
  • Comedy by Santhaman is the only entertaining factor in this film, Especially some scenes comes at the Climax part like interviewing the Goons are hilarious and I am Sure no one can stop laughing for his Dialogues
  • Suresh Gopi and Upen Patel are Perfect choice for the Negative role in this film
  • Movie has a Good Emotional Quotient and some Untold Message about Love
  • The Way He Kills the Villains in 5 Different Ways are Shown Simply Superb with the Horrible visuals. Which may makes your Children Cry in theaters :P (Just Kidding)
  • There are some Shankar Mark fights in the film like a Fight in Mr.Andhra Competation, Fight on Train and Fight with Cycles are Shot well but the Length Exceeded.
  • The Beast Song comes in the Climax is a big highlight of the film clearly explains the Concept of Love between Beauty and Ugly

What Gone Wrong With this film?

  • The Biggest Draw back of the film is STORY. Shankar has chosen a Regular wafer thin story which we can predict the next scene easily, Screenplay also remembers us Aparichithudu film, at a particular point of Time we will come to know the climax of the film and He failed in holding the suspence of the film till End
  • The Gay Character that comes in the first Half is very Irritating and Many scenes can be chopped off easily 
  • Fights are Good but Unecessarly he extended the Length of the fights whcih made the film to cross 3 Hrs of Run Time
  • Director Shankar has some Gripping Screenplay with the Logical Story, But in this film he missed the Magic and  the film doesnt gives a feel of Watching Shankar's Film

Out Of Box View Of "I"

Since the day movie released i can see many positive and Negative Mixed Opinions on this film which is creative a Negative impact of the film's Success. But Remember, This is not a Regular kind of film that we watched till now, Unlike all other films, this movie doesn't have an option for making the patch work, As we know that Vikram transformed into 4 Different Getup's for this film, Accidently if a director misses any scene, there is no option to reshoot it further. This clearly explains the risk that made by Shankar . Due to this kind of issue movie may not reach our expectations, But still "I" is a biggest pride of South India which came up with the Hollywood Standards.

As we can also See Shankar used around 200Croes for making this film, But as per my view putting such a whooping budget with this kind of Experimental films is a biggest Manhole for the producers, There are several small scenes for which shankar used some crores of rupees for the Sets. really this is a biggest mistake playing with Crores of Rupees.

Finally What i Say?

"I" stood one of the Biggest Experimental film from the commercial director Shankar and failed in reaching the expectations in the case of Story, Story of the film is Pathetic when we compare with Shankar's Previous film, But still movie has a Stunning visual with a Great Feel and Emotions that makes you smile while you come out of the theaters Only if you see the film with Zero Expectations. After watching this film you come to know the Meaning of Hardwork and the Meaning of Beauty. Also you can able to Explore the Beauty of Earth with the stunning locations that Shankar Selected for this film, Finally I is one of the epic, Worth Watching and Must Watch film in your life.

With Whom We Can Watch This Film?

You Can Watch this Film With Your Entire Family Members and Friends.