Shankar's I Movie Censor Review - Pre Release Talk

South Indian Gifted Director Shankar's I Movie is releasing on 14th of this month in Three Languages (Hindi, Tamil and Telugu) as a Pongal Special. This is one of the costliest Movie in Shankar's Career after Robo. Shankar Believed on Vikram than Graphics in this film and made the Natural look for the film with different getup's. This movie has cleared the censor Activities and Bagged a Clear U certificate from the Regional Censor board members and Some Minor Cuts.  Movie has a Shocking Run Time of 3Hrs 9 Minutes which is a Big Shock for all.

How Vikram Dedicated Himself For this Film ?

  •  He Grew upto 130 Kilos for a Body Builder Role and Reduced to 40Kilos for a Goon Role
  • He has Been kept inside a Fridge for 2 month with body full of Makeup
  • He Changed 2 Different 6 Pack Structures, one is for Model Role and Another Body Builder 
  • He appears in a Complete Bald Look with a Really Clean Shaved Head
  • He Portrayed 5 Different Role in this film as Model, Body Builder, Goon and Beast
  • He Dubbed for all three Characters in Three Different Voices
  • Beast Getup Dubbing made him Throat Infection
  • Serious Body Condition while transforming.40 KG,80 10,130 KG different weights
  • He Worked Around Three Years for this film by leaving all Other Projects
  • Every day he spends 12 Hours for the Makeup
This is the Unbelievable Hardwork Done by Chiyaan Vikram For this film

Pre Release Talk

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