Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju Movie Review By Swaroop

Cast: Sharwanand, Nithya Menon, Pavithra Lokesh, Surya, Nazar, Tejaswi and Others
Dialogues: Sai Madhav Burra
Music: Gopi Sunder
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswar Rao
Cinematography: Gnanasekar V S

Producer: K A Vallabha
Story, Screenplay and Direction: K Kranthi Madhav
Release Date: Feb 6th, 2015
Banner: CC Media and Entertainments Ltd

What is the Story

Rajaram (Sharwanand) is a aspiring Athletic champion who dreams to get a National Award. He fells in love with Nazeera(Nithya Menon) who is a Muslim Girl. After a while Twist in the tale arises when shocking incidents occur in both their lives and the couple get separated. Why they Both Separated and what are the circumstances that made them separate, How they won their love is the rest of the story narrated in a Poetic way

What are the Highlights?

  • Lead pairs Sharwanand and Nithya Menon are the Biggest highlight of this film, Both delivered a mature performance in both Young and Old ages
  • Movie has a great Emotional feel which you will never ever seen on Tollywood scren till now. There are many scene which directly touches your heart deep inside
  • Dialogues written by Sai Madhav Burra are simply Superb, Unforgettable and Very meaningful
  • BGM by Gopi Sunder has been a biggest support in carrying a great feel
  • Story Looks quite Unique and fresh
  • Every Scene of the film looks so natural and Honest. 
  • Tejaswi Madiwala is another noted actress who has a good scope in second half 
  • Movie has a Good Suspence which holds till the end of the film
  • Perfect meaning of Love shown clearly in the film which says the Indian Relationships and culture is never seen in a world.
  • Cinematography is Beautiful, Every Frame looks like a painting'
  • Movie has a Good Mother Sentiment which makes brings you tears at some parts
  • Complete Movie Looks like a Beautiful poetry

What are the Drawbacks?

  • Movie has a snail paced narration which may not connect with Mass Audience
  • Climax of the film was dragged Unecessary
  • There are many repeated scene in the film which could be chopped off

Finally What i Say?

Finally Malli Malli Id Rani Roju is a feel Good entertainer one should not miss in their life... The perfect meaning of love expressed in many ways through this film. DONT MISS...

MY RATING : 4.5/5 (For Multiplex Audience), 3/5 (For Mass Audience)