Temper Censor Report | Censor Cuts | Sensor Review

Censor Report

Jr.NTR And Kajal Aggarwal starrer upcoming film Temper Movie completed the censor activities and ready to hit the screens on February 13th (Friday). This movie has been awarded with a U/A certificate from the regional censor Board with 10 Minor cuts. Movie Length has been locked for 147 Minutes

Censor Cuts Details

1. The applicant is instructed to exhibit a disclaimer stating that ‘all characters, institutions, events shown bear no resemblance to any institution, event or person living or dead’ (exhibited accordingly).

2. Deleted the dialogue ‘utcha poyistunna’ and the visual of urination.

3. Deleted the words ‘dobbutha, bongulo, dobbestaay, thokkalo, bongistha’ wherever they occur in the movie

4. Deleted the close shots of navel in the lead and visuals of shaking of hips in the item song (replaced with approved shots... same duration).  

5. Deleted the dialogue ‘akkadedaina vuntadaa’  

6. Deleted the dialogue ‘vankaay em chesukuntaav, varalakshi vratam kada vaallavidaki iddamani, varalakshmi vrataniki vankayato enti pani’.  

7. Deleted the dialogue ‘vaalliddaroo cross aipotunte chustu oorukutana’.

8. Deleted visuals and dialogue ‘nunchuni play cheyyamantara leda kurchuni play cheyyamantara meeku ela comfort feel aithe ala comfort ga kurchondi, kurchuni start chestanandi madhya madhyalo lechipothaanu meeku pharledu kada’.  

9. Deleted the dialogue ‘Gandhi Gandhi ani aravadam kadu, desamlo jarige prati avineetiki modati sakshi ee Gandhi’. 

10. Deleted the dialogue ‘ikkada memu crossing ki vachham’.

11.‘ Gandhi Gandhi ani aravadam kadu, desamlo jarige prati avineetiki modati sakshi ee Gandhi’.

12. Deleted the dialogues ‘gundrayini techchi evaru pettukomannaru’ wherever it occurs in the movie.  

13. Changed the colour of the visuals of rape and torture into black and white wherever they occur.  

14.Deleted visuals and dialogues from ‘ee judge tho maatladi sayantram guest house ki rammanu… ee judge asale mental gadu, ippudem decision teesukuntado teliyadu, inko nalugu rojullo retire kabotunnadu, veellaki ela vuntadante case lo ye maatram nijam vunna kuda sikshalu vesesi herolu aipodam anukuntaru vaadni maatram kelakoddu’.  

15. Deleted the visuals of brand labels ‘Heineken & American Vodka’ (removed through CG shots).  

16. Deleted the dialogue ‘l****kodaka’.  

17. Deleted the visuals of hero hitting villain with hammer (twice).  

18. Reduced length of climax fight by 30%.  

19. Deleted the dialogue ‘Sunny Leone lanti figure ni testanu chudu; nenu tagi padipotha adi taagite telipoddi bad name tappa vere ledura naaku’ in rolling titles.

Censor Review

As per the censor Board Internal Sources, This film will be a sure shot Entertainer film from NTR and Puri Jagannath Combo. NTR will be seen as a Corrupted Cop turning into a Sincere. Story has a very close shades of Nandamuri Balakrishna's Sper hit film LAKSHMI NARAYANA. Over all movie will not disappoint the audience. 
  • Tarak Will Be Seen in a Complete New Look and New Attitude
  • Editing,Camera work are Simply Superb
  • Songs Picturization Is one of the biggest assert
  • Some of the Action Sequences will not make fans to sit on Seat.
  • Kajal Looks Sexy and Comedy is Good