Temper Movie Benifit Show Tickets Booking Details

Yong Tiger NTR and Sexy Queen Kalaj Aggwarwal Starrer upcoming film TEMPER movie is Scheduled to Release on 13th of this month ie on Frieday on a Grand Scale. Many Theaters around AP and Telangana planning for the Special Benifit Show and Charity Show for the film and the official Muhurth of the film is Fixed at 05:07 AM at Mallikharjuna Theater in KPHB colony, Hyderabad, And this show will be aired by SS Rajamouli's Son SS Karthikeya and complete family members of Rajamouli are going to watch the film in the early Morning along with Fans and RGV also going to join the group for the first time. 

Ticket Cost will be around 1000 to 2000 Rupees and the Compete Details along with the names and Numbers are given below on the posters. Contact those numbers for Booking of your tickets which is considered as world's first Show. Movie is releasing in More than 1000 theaters in Both AP and Telangana with out any competition. Movie censor has been Completed and awarded with U/A certificate with 2 Hrs 21 mins Length