Rajamouli To Make Baahubali Part 3

The suspence of Maahubali Part 1 has been kept on hold by SS Rajamouli untill he releases the  series of Baahubali on nextyear with the name Baahubali - The Conclusion, But now it seems like part 2 dosen't get any conclusion. As per the internal sources reports, its heard that Rajamouli is planning to make a 3rd part for this film. This movie released in the month of  July and collected more than 500 Crores which is really a biggest record in Indian history, With the heavy profits of 1st part, all the tollywood and bollywood distributers are making a pressure on SS Rajamouli to continue till 3rd part. as Rajamouli said its a very long story Rajamouli is also considering the extension of Baahubali beyond The Conclusion. Rajamouli also came to know some major drawbacks in the first through various critics and now he is concentrating more on the 2nd part to get 100% quality output which may have a gripping story here. Lets wait for the official announcement from Rajamouli