Rudhramadevi(2015) Telugu Movie Review

Starring : Anushka, Rana, Prakash Raj, Nitya Menon, Catherine Tresa, Baba Sehgal, Suman, Aditya Menon and ALLU ARJUN
Directed By Gunasekhar
Produced By Gunaa Teamworks
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography by Ajayan Vincent
Edited by A. Sreekar Prasad
Release date : October 9, 2015
Running time : 158 Minutes

Story : This is a Historical story of Rani Rudrama Devi who is a emperor of Kakatiya dynasty in 13th century, She was born as a female and grown up like a boy by teaching her all the skills to be a King because of threat from another kingdom, But there are some Trojans in her own kingdom who tries to occupy the seat of KING, How she sorted out this issue and been a successful Queen and who is Gona Gannareddy? How he related to this story will be the rest of the story.

Plus Points :
  •  Anushka is the biggest highlight of the film played the different shades in the film, This is a tailor made character for her as we cant imagine other heroin in her place.
  • Allu Arjun is another Major highlight of the film brings the power as well as laughs with the Mass look and Telangana slang. His role is small but whenever he comes we will find some whistles in the hall
  • Sets of Rudhramadevi are good, Making such a huge sets ina limited budget like 70crores is really not a small issue
  • Nithya menon role is small but still she showered her cuteness
  • Prakash Raj charecter is a key role in this film who perfectly apt for the role that he played as Maha mantri for the kingdom
  • Story itself a biggest asset for the film, Knowing the story of Rudramadevi from books may take a long time, But fortunately Gunashekar made it simplw to us by making it as a 158 Mins movie which we cannot forget.
  • There are some scenes in the film where we can know how our ancients lived. Like Marriages, Dowry System, Political tacts, People Living Style, Etc etc.. Which is clearly eloborated
  • 3D effects are Good 
  • Costumes are designed well which takes us to 13th century
  • Ajayan Vincent Cinematography is grand
  • Rana done as his best in the role
  • Movie has a good message that showed the power of a women in our History which indirectly shows respect towards the women in our society
Minus Points:
  •  Music is the biggest drawback for the film, Even though its Maestro Ilayaraja, he failed to bring up his magic in the BGM which is so loud and irritating and repeating
  • CGI work for the film is quite Artificial and looks like a Cartoons at some parts
  • Editing is not well executed, there are some lengthy scenes and even the transitions betweeen scene to seen also not cut well.
  • Second half or the film is a biggest let down, There are heavy lags in the scenes
  • Gunashekar planned the climax fight like Baahubali, But it became comedy with the worst graphical work
  • Songs in the second half will disturbs the movie flow and increased the run time
  • Many important scenes revealed in simply way instead of using them in a bigger way
  • There is little bit confusion between the Real story of Rudhramadevi and the film, Gunashekar made some minor changes to bring the commercial look and also he changed many character names.
Final Analysis: Finally Rudhramadevi is a Appreciable attempt from Gunshekar who worked for years of time to expose the story to Rudhramadevi  in the form of movie for the present and upcoming generations, Its an epic and its like a Tribute to Telugu language. Keeping away some minus points you can enjoy the film with your family which brings some knowledge along with entertainment. i suggest you to watch the film in 3D for better experience

Rating : 3/5