Legal case on Dangal by wrestling coach PR Sondhi

After watching the film Dangal everyone started googling about the original pictures of lead characters Mahavir Singh Phogat, Geetha Kumari Phogat and Babitha Kumari Phogat. The film has been connected to the crowd in such a way that they completely gone with the characters portrayed in the film. After all lead characters the next comes under our mind is NAS Wrestling Coach Girish Kulkarni who was presented in a complete negative role in the film which been a crucial in narrating the story especially in the climax scenes,

Now the NAS coach PR Kadam (played by Girish Kulkarni) is now considering legal action against the team for defaming him just to spice things up. According to him there is a scene in the climax of the film where the national coach locks Geetha's father during the Commonwealth Games 2010  has been picturized in a complete false way. He also complained that he was not consulted during the shooting of the film just because to make things to happen in this way

But when you see the film, The movie team had clearly mentioned in a disclaimer that all characters except mahvir, geeta and babita are fictional. lets see how this case will end up.