Biggest Trust Scam From BookMyShow , the one and only ticket booking app that we trust more in INDIA, but the original face of Book My Show has been revealed recently with the bookings that opened for Baahubali. This can be treated as one of the biggest Trust Scam from Bookmyshow in the recent days. 

BookMyShow Started this scam in the name of PRE-BOOKING, Everyone who registered with bookmyshow recent an email giving the genuine trust that they would book tickets in advance if we use this pre-booking policy, in case of failure the complete booking mount will be reversed back. 

So Now, Everyone Like Me started using the Pre-Booking Feature of Book My Show. And also received the confirmation like below. Thats it! from then BookMyshow became dumb, no response, no intimation when the tickets were being booked. 

Meanwhile they started irritating the people with the most crap application and Website that testing each and everyone's patience with the foolish errors when booking the tickets, Out of many people i don't know know many successfully booked tickets.

After waiting many days we received the messages like below that the tickets booking is under process. Meanwhile people are now secure enough that they booked tickets using this pre-booking option and many people didn't tried using the live crap bookings that released online in Bookmyshow site.

So Now the Day has come, and BookMyShow has bombed the trusted users by fake apologizing statements like Sorry We Are Not Able to Book The Tickets. Now this the situation that everyone realized that BookMyShow has cheated us Emotionally and there are no other ways for them to book tickets. This is not only for me, All my friends who booked using the facility faced the same issue and i dint even seen a guy who got tickets using this facility, What the F this feature was used for?

This Looks so small but if you look at the below Calculations, you will come to know how big the scam was.

India Has a population of 1.3 Billion, Lets just take the 1% of the population has used the pre-booking option that provided by Bookmyshow, on an average of 1000Rs per user which makes 130000*1000 which is around 13,00,00,000 (13Crores), Bookmyshow started this pre-booking nearly before 10 days of the movie release and it announced that the refund will be initiated in 10 days. So lets take 15 days they hold our money.

So now, Lets assume the least interest rate of 1% and caliculate, which is around 6,50,000 is the least amount that scammed even if we calculate with the smaller numbers.

Now Say, Is it a Small Scam???