Marakathamani Movie Short Review

Starring : Aadi Pinisetty, Nikki Galrani

Music Director : Dhibu Ninan Thomas

Director : A.R.K. Saravanan

Producer : Sri Chakra Innovations and Rushi Media

Release date : June 16, 2017

Rating : 3.75/5

This is a story of a guy who in search of stealing the most dangerous Marakathamani which kills when some one touches it, So how he steals Marakathamani with the help of Ghosts for money is the plot.

Adi has delivered a fantastic performance, Nikki Galrani will be seen in a very different role which is never ever tried in Indian cinema till now. The ghosts charecters and Villian has been a big support in bringing some laughs. This can be called as a Fictional Comedy Horror Thriller Genre which will never makes you bored in the entire run. Director tried the best to bring each frame fresh and comedy.

Music of the film is another big assert which picks up the mood of the film, Yes there are few loop holes in logics of the film, but still this managed to be one of the best film released recently.

Go and enjoy with the family, Dont Miss!! one of the worth watch film in recent times.