Bahubali Prabhakar's Manyam Movie Review

Cast : Baahubali Prabhakar, Dasari Siri, Praneeth, Varsha and Raccha Ravi
Directed and produced by S.V.Ramana
Banner: Sai Samhitha Creations
Music : Sada Chandra

Story : A group of college students visits the most dangerous Maredumilli forest as a part of their college project in collecting medicinal plants arrives at a guest hour near forst, Raccha ravi who is a watchman for that guest houses promises that he will hep in showing them in the deep edges of forest and takes them into the forest. They will feel like some one is haunting them and then finally meets Roja who start chasing them for killing with an axe. Who is Roja? is she a human or Ghost? Whats the reason behind this? Who is Baahubali Niranjan will frame the rest of the story

Performances: Performance wise Baahubali Prabhakar, Varsha, Raccha Ravi and Dasari Siri has done a god job but rest all went lame with the artificial performances. Well known tollywood actress Bava Maradalu movie fame Dasari Siri has got a good role and given the best performance as per her role. She looks gorgeous in the 2 songs came up in the starting of the film but the second half was completely taken away by Varsha and Baahubali Niranjan with their drama.

Technical Aspects: Unlike all tollywood horror and thriller this film has a good story line but lacked in narration which was directed by SV Ramana. Music of the film is major highlight which brings he feel like we are running with the characters in forest. Cinematography is good as par and the length of the film is acceptable.  Movie was completed made outdoor in a deep forest which shows the hard work of the film team


  1. Baahubali Niranjan Performance
  2. Dasari Siri Beauty
  3. Music
  4. Gripping Story Line.
  1. Cinematography is not good at parts
  2. Unwanted comedy scenes
  3. Screenplay
  4. Songs Placement
Overall : Over All Manyam is a film which should be encouraged by us for the small film makers who are trying their best in giving a quality content to tollywood within their budget constraints. Though movie has many negative points this would be the best notebook for the upcoming film makers of tollywood. 

Rating : 3/5